Menu from Restaurant Wah Hing - Asian cuisine in Salzburg.

The menu at the Chinese restaurant Wah Hing in Salzburg features delicious Asian specialties that are always freshly prepared. The freshness of the ingredients and the great Chinese ambience combined with very friendly hosts make this restaurant something very special in Salzburg.

Lunch menu: 

From Tuesday to Friday (except public holidays) from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m delicious menus are offered.

As a starter you can choose between a spicy, sour soup or spring rolls.

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tel. No.: +43662438608

Monday rest day!

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Crispy Duck – pork - Chicken – Beef  -lamb - Seafood.

The seafood is carefully selected and prepared with a lot of laborious work.

The restaurant also offers luxury menus.

The traditional Chinese Crispy Duck is served in some versions to emphasize the diversity of the duck, giving the meal that certain something.

The fresh meat from pork, chicken, lamb or beef  is chosen accurately and makes the food very tasty.

The vegetables, bamboo shoots, sweet and sour sauce or almonds always make the duck nice and crispy, crunchy and tasty.

Of course, the menu offers many more varieties and types, so it's worth taking a look when you're there.

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Crispy Chinese Duck General.

Crispy Chinese duck dishes are a popular delicacy in China and many parts of the world. Here are a few popular crispy duck dishes you could try:

  1. Peking Duck: This is probably the most famous crispy duck dish from China. It is made from a duck that is marinated and then fried in hot fat until crispy and golden brown. The duck is then sliced into wafer-thin slices and served with a sweet, sticky sauce.

  2. Crispy Duck with Cashews: This dish consists of crispy roast duck served with chopped cashews and a spicy sauce.

  3. Crispy duck with pineapple: This dish consists of crispy roast duck served with fresh pineapple pieces and a sweet and spicy sauce.

  4. Crispy Duck with Peaches: This dish consists of crispy roast duck served with pieces of peach and a sweet sauce.

I hope you've whetted your appetite for one of these crispy Chinese duck dishes! They are all very tasty and a great change from the typical western dishes.

Chinese restaurant Wah Hing in Salzburg with Asian cuisine and specialty food